General Questions

How long will it take to get my site online?

UbiqHost get your site online the same day you submit your order. Your account will be set up in 1to 6 hours following the receipt of your payment and account information will be sent via email. It may take 24 – hours for domain name to point an IP address for your website to appear on the Internet. This process is called “propagation”.

Do you offer web designing and maintenance service?

Yes, we have a professional web designer team capable to build a site from scratch or make modification to your existing sites. Even you can build your site using website editing program such as wordpress, Adobe Dreamweaver and RVSiteBuilder etc. We also provide complete website management service.

Do I have access to customer support 24hours 7 days a week?

Yes, our technical support will be at your service for 24 hours and 7 days week. You can reach us at any time via live chat, email and phone. We have an expert tech support team who can address all your issues within no time.

Do you place advertisements on customer’s website?

No, we do not advertise on customer’s website.

Difference between domain name and sub domain?

Domain name means your full website address, totally independent of others domain names while sub domain depends on main domain.

For example, “yourdomain.com” is your main domain name then “http://www. yourdomain.com” will be your full website address. While Sub domain is a domain created under your main domain such as “subdomain.yourdomain.com”then the address of your web site will be “http://www. subdomain. yourdomain.com”.

Can I Change My Domain Name?

Yes, you can change your domain name associated with your account at any time. You just need to raise a ticket or contact our tech support with login details.

Do you host all types of domains?

Yes, we host all types of domains that are available in the market today such as .com,.org,.net,.biz.us, .info etc.

Do I need Static/Dedicated IP address?

A website is identified by its IP address. By default every web hosting account is assigned with a shared IP address. If you are using a SSL service or accept any sensitive information over Internet or intended to avoid unsolicited emails you must need a Static/Dedicated IP address.

What is email account?

An email account is a mail box that holds all your emails until you view them using an email program. There are thousands of email program that helps you in managing all email task but, we recommend “outlook express” as it comes free with windows installation and most of the people are familiar with its usage.

What is spam and your terms of policy on spam?

Spam is commonly referred as electronic junk or unsolicited mails sent in bulk by the spammers. These mails are threat to the bandwidth. So we do not tolerate unsolicited emails or spam at all. Moreover we reserve the right to terminate those accounts who sends unsolicited mails.

Do you provide auto responder service?

Yes, we do offer auto responders for email. Auto responders is a program that automatically sends a response back to email address it received a mail from. You will be able to set subject and content of the response mail.

How can I access my control panel ?

You can access your cPanel control panel in following ways:






Do you support ASP.Net and Access database?

Yes, Not only ASP.Net and Access database, we also support PHP, MSSQL and MySQL database.

How can I make payment?

We entertain all forms of payment service according to your convenience. We accept credit cards /debit cards, cheque, dd’s and even we provide door to door payment collection service

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